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... their pgp public key

Writing to one of the following, using the subject lines HELP, ADD or GET will get you most pgp public keys:

current list as of 28/4/99


... words

This part of the search page has been greatly improved and unified, POST and GET scripts are now handled alike.


If you find any non-responding services in the above list (with exception of etb) please mail me! unluckily many of those great services frequently change location and accessibility, and i'm too lazy to write a spider script

Important (meta) search engines around the world

(austrian) search engines (pasted from a news posting by Florian Haller, untested)

Feel free to contact me on the functionality and efficiency of this search interface. If you like it, but prefer a nice clean command line interface, you might be more interested in the command line perl lynx wrapper search script (now improved with real local post support!). I'd also be interested in your favourite search engines and dictionaries you'd like incorporated here.