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Alexander Ölzant's Resume

Various Data

Nickname (e-mail/irc alias)
NIC handle (still valid at RIPE and nic.priv.at ;))
Date of birth
approximately Tue Jul 15 21:00:00 CEST 1975 or 174682800 seconds of the epoch
First computer
1987 SVI-728 MSX-1 with audio cassette storage
Programming Languages (that I am not ashamed of)
perl, C
vi (preferrably vim, see also Sven Guckes' page)
OSes in use
Linux (almost exclusively since 1996: both privately and at work slackware, redhat, gentoo and my favourite, debian); AIX; I have a good excuse (though no reason) not to use *BSDs
update: experimental nfsroot FreeBSD installation for my workstation (pxelinux -> pxeroot -> nfsroot (including kernel, easy way out))
daemons set up from scratch and at least intensively tried out
sendmail, bind, innd, isode dsa, ldapd
Unix milestones
  • read The Cuckoo's Egg by Clifford Stoll in 1988, from which I knew that Unix was better than VMS (ironically my only real (ie non-x86 linux) workstation - or rather server in an appropriate server graveyard - was a VAXstation for a while)
  • obtained a unet-account from University of Vienna in 1995 which also enabled me to read my first manpage (chmod)
  • set up linux first 1996, went to exclusive use of unix at the end of the year
  • kernel and application hacking for various projects ever since
RL Languages
German (mother tounge), English, Spanish (with a certain lack of correctness), French (forgot most of what I learned at school, but reading comprehension is still acceptable), Latin
Relevant system administrative experience
sendmail, bind, xdm, apache, linux ipfwadm/ipchains/iproute/tc, dhcpd, tftpd, rpld, nfsd, xntpd
Favourite works of reference on my bookshelf
Stevens' TCP/IP Illustrated, Knuth's TAOCP, O'Reilly's Sendmail and BIND books


A Selection of some of my Solutions

Hard/Software I tried out (on many I only ever had accounts for a short period of time, respectively deleted everything shortly after the configure; make; make install cycle)


Orkplaces for Pay

Name/URL of CompanyTime of EmploymentOne Line Job Description
Navinet Business Software http://www.nbs.at/ 8/2002 - 1/2004 firewall administration and unix system programming
Research Industrial Software Engineering http://rise-world.com/ 1/2004 - 12/2006 embedded Linux system programming Cenarion Information Systems GmbH 3/2007 - 9/2014 Debian GNU/Linux system administration